5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Try these easy tips to reduce food waste, and save money and resources

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Food waste is not a benign substance, but it is something you can totally prevent. Try the following tips to help you reduce food waste and save money.

Shop what is on your list
Create a menu for your meals for a week. Check what you have in the refrigerator and pantry first, then make a list for your grocery shopping. Don’t be tempted by discounts and sales. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. Stick to your list, stay with what you need ONLY!

Regular check on your fridge
Make sure your fridge is set to right temperature for maximum freshness and longevity. You can even use some baking soda to control the odor and keep it clean.

Buy in Bulk
If you are a fan of wholesale stores, share the cost and food with your friends or neighbors can save you big bulks.

Perfect food for your garden
Fruit and vegetable peelings can be perfect nutrients sources for your garden. Store the peelings in a compost bin, you will have valuable compost for your garden after few month.

Do some tricks in your refrigerator
In order to reduce food waste in your fridge, simply remove couple shelves. However, make sure you will have enough space for certain amount food. By doing this, you will save money by buying less, eat fresher and stopping throwing things away.

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